Adventure Zone


$6-$40 for individual prices/ $84 for Day Pass


Certain games are restricted to ages 10+


Open 9:00am-6:00pm daily. Activities last for one and a half hours

Capacity limits

Some activities have limited capacity or require a minimum number of guests to play


Check in for the Adventure Zone is at the building next to the miniature golf course


The Adventure Zone offers the best in exciting recreational fun. With 9 different activities, there is guaranteed something for everyone. From all-age friendly games to adrenaline-pumping sports, we have everything you need to fill your day with entertainment.

The Adventure Zone has an entire section of Pipestem State Park dedicated to our many available activities. All you need to do is park, pay and play. Everything you need is right there in the Zone so you can spend your time having fun.

We book out each activity in 1 ½ hour blocks starting at 9:00am and going to 6:00pm every day. The last block of each day starts at 4:30pm and runs to 6pm.

Each activity can be purchased individually and booked by time slot, or you can purchase the Adventure Zone Day Pass which allows you to book 6 activities throughout the day for a single value price.

Check out all available activities and prices down below.

Buy a day pass for $84 and have a day filled with fun


The Adventure Zone Day Pass

Hands down the best value for the most fun. The Adventure Zone Day Pass allows you to book 6 Adventure Zone activities for an entire days-worth of exciting entertainment all for a single price. Check out all our exciting activities below.


Come out and enjoy day of non-stop fun.    


Axe throwing

Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing new sports in the country and Pipestem Adventures is excited to be the first in our area to offer it. There is nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of throwing a sharp blade at a wood target. The rules are simple, just like an extreme version of darts the goal is to land the blade in bullseye. The closer you stick to the bullseye, the higher the points. This is a perfect game for hanging out with family, friends, or having an unforgettable date night. Come see if you have what it takes to skillfully sling steel.

Concerned about safety? Axe throwing is very safe. The axe blades are just sharp enough to stick in the targets but not enough to cut skin if you were to run your fingers across it. Each target and throwing area is also protected in a fenced area -just in case of bouncing axes or rogue flying hatchets.

Ages 10+ (10-16 accompanied by an adult)
2-18 guests

3D Archery

Set off with our 3D archery course and go on an exciting target-hunting adventure. Unlike the traditional bullseye targets and stand-still stance of a standard archery range, the 3D archery trail hikes you through wooded areas and brings you face to face with our 3D targets. These 3D targets are life-size models of popular wild game animals such as deer, elk, moose, coyote, turkey,  wild boar, and bear. Tap into your inner-hunter and challenge your friends to see who can score the highest and walk away with the title of “top-archer”. 

Bows and arrows are provided as part of this activity. 

Ages 8+ (8-16 accompanied by an adult)
8-16 guests

Miniature Golf

Nothing beats a classic game like putt-putt golf. A perfect activity for families, friends, or even a memorable date night. Compete to see who’s got the skills to sink a hole-in-one or complete each hole in as few putts as possible. Our West Virginia themed, 18-hole course is filled with fun and challenging obstacles to make for an entertaining game. Just a word of caution, this game is known to leave players with smiles on their faces.

Ages 4+ (4-8 accompanied by an adult)
2-18 guests

Disc Golf

Come play an adventurous game of disc golf with us. Walk through some of the most serene and beautiful areas of Pipestem Park while competing in this fun and challenging sport. Each hole -or bucket as it is commonly known- tests a player’s skills and technical abilities.  The course is full of obstacles and traps like wooded areas and rolling hills. This is a perfect game for individuals of all ages. It’s fun, quick to learn, and great to play. Discs and carrying totes are provided. 

Ages 6+ (6-8 accompanied by an adult)
1-10 guests

Remote-Controlled Cars and Trucks

Take control of our RC cars and trucks and hit the tracks. These aren’t just toy cars either, but hobby-grade vehicles that have size, power, and speed. Take to the racetrack with our cars and hit speeds of up to 30mph as you bolt for a record best time. Then, take to our off-road course with our 4wd trucks to hit jumps, climb over obstacles, and complete laps with skill and speed.


This is a great activity for everyone to enjoy. It’s a blast to both watch and play. Vehicles and instructions provided.   


Drone Flying

Reach new heights and soar through the skies with our flying drones. Maneuver through aerial obstacles and try to land on varying sizes of drop zones with expertise. These drones are easy to control and smooth to fly. Tech meets the outdoors is this awesome Adventure Zone activity.

No need to invest in pricey equipment, drones and instructions are provided.

Ages 6+ (6-12 accompanied by an adult)
$25 (includes both RC cars and Drones)
1-10 guests

Laser Tag

Blast your way to victory in this laser battle royale. Gear up and head into our indoor arena to fight for the title of champion. Strategically use cover like barrels and ramps to dodge fire or use it to sneak around and dish out your own. Glow in the dark designs, strobe lights, and adrenaline pumping music add to the laser tag experience. A great game for kids and adults of any age. So, bring family, friends, or a date for a thrilling good time.

Ages 6+ (6-12 accompanied by an adult)
6-18 guests

Skeet Shooting

This adrenaline-pumping sport places you behind the sights of a shotgun as you aim to blast a clay disc out of the sky. With the simple command of “pull”, a clay pigeon is thrown through the air about 30 yards in front of you. Take aim, breath, and pull the trigger to smash the clay skeet into a hundred pieces mid-flight.

A safety instruction brief is given prior to the activity to ensure gun safety and user comfort. This activity includes a shotgun, 26 shells, clay pigeons, eye protection and ear plugs.

Ages 10+ (10-16 accompanied by an adult)
1-6 guests

Motor Assisted Mountain Bikes

Pipestem Adventures is bringing some of the newest tech in mountain biking to the park with electric bikes. These bikes make riding more accessible to those of varying level of fitness and experience. Ride longer, farther, and with greater ease than ever before. Don’t dread a strenuous ride as these bikes have motors that make climbing hills and traveling long distances a breeze.

Bikes and Helmets are included.

We also have guided bike tours that use this new bike technology and take riders through the park trails and to some of the most beautiful areas of the park. Click here if you want to learn more. 

Ages 10+ (10-12 accompanied by an adult)
1-6 guests

Book online or by calling 1-833-WV-PARKS